6 Effective Ways on How to Do Law Firm Marketing

A lot of law firms are not getting continuous flow of clients and files just because they don’t do sufficient business development activities that will expose them to potential clients. Below are some tips on how to do law firm marketing effectively:

1.    Spend at least 2.5% to 3% of your gross revenues on marketing – to properly market your law firm, it is important to allot sufficient budget on marketing expenses first. Mostly, this money will be spent on taking clients out to lunch, generating new business, visiting clients and other direct marketing activities that will help you introduce your firm directly to potential clients.

2.    Upload a video to your website – In this age when the Internet has become an almost necessary part of our lives, putting vital information and excellent portfolio in your law firm’s website is the way to go. Most portal visitors will also most likely look for any video that will give them an idea of how you look, how you talk and what your law firm is like. Therefore, recording a video and uploading it to your website is the best opportunity to make yourself more attractive to potential clients.

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3.    Cultivate referral sources – Many lawyers get their business and clients from referrals, and that is a good thing, but it doesn’t just always happen by itself. The lawyers who get these referrals are those who constantly cultivate them. It’s always best to start with your current clients. After impressing them, tell them what kind of work or cases you are looking for and let them refer you to other potential clients they know.

4.    Join a trade association and be active – Joining a trade association, not a bar association will give you an opportunity to interact directly and market yourself in a room full of clients who can potentially hire you. You can learn about these trade associations by asking your present clients what meetings they usually go to. And remember that simply going to any trade association’s meeting is not enough, you need to be visible.

One of your main goals is to get on the board of directors, seek out the president and try to volunteer to help with the newsletter, assist in putting programs together, or just to help in any kind of activity that will lead you to a board position.

5.    Survey your clients – The most successful companies in the world always conduct an annual, if not quarterly, a satisfaction survey of their product of service. Start by appointing someone to follow up with your clients and ask them several specific questions about their experience regarding the service your law firm provided. Find out what they liked the most, disliked the most as well as what fell short of their expectations.

6.    Do brainstorming in your firm – Lastly, you can call the employees together for a brainstorming meeting to get ideas on how your firm can generate sales leads, raise its profile and get more involved in the community.

Hot Trends in Law Firm Marketing

Gone are the days when law firms rely on word of mouth or reputation alone. If you want to increase your billable hours and your firm’s revenue, you have to get acquainted with the top trends in law firm marketing.

1.    Every law firm must have a website.

A website is now an indispensable part of law firm marketing. Studies show that 77% of law firms generate their leads from their website. So, if you want to increase the popularity of your law firm and increase its revenue, you have to invest in a website. But, having a website is not enough. Your website must be professional-looking, and it should represent your firm well. You must also provide the following information on your website’s homepage:

Your area of practice (litigation, corporate law, transportation law, etc.)
Contact details

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2.    Invest in an SEO expert.

Most people find lawyers through search engines like Yahoo and Google. So, if you want to increase your presence on search engines, it would be a good idea to invest in an SEO expert. SEO experts can help improve your website’s visibility on search engines so it will be easier for potential clients to find you.

3.    Legal Blogging

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in a particular legal field, you have to start a legal blog. This will showcase your knowledge and it will increase your firm’s popularity. But, make sure to post entries regularly. Marketing experts recommend that you should blog at least three times a week. Remember that content is king. So, if you want to attract new business leads through your blog, you have to provide informative, useful, and intelligent content.

4.    Use Review Sites to Your Advantage

Many potential clients check review sites such as personalinjury.com, Google+, and Avvo before hiring a lawyer. So, if you have satisfied clients, encourage them to write a good review about your firm.

5.    Use of CRM technology

We all know that attracting a new client will cost a lot more than retaining an existing one. CRM or Client Relationship Management is a technology that you can use to manage your clients and create a unique and different experience for each of them. This tool will help increase the client satisfaction and experience.

6.    Social Media Marketing

If you want to increase the popularity of your law firm, you must have a strong social media presence. One of the great things about social media marketing is that it is almost free. You can simply create a free account on Facebook and Twitter. Having dedicated social media accounts for your law firm will allow you to interact with your potential clients on a regular basis. You can also answer some legal questions through Twitter and Facebook; this will entice potential clients to hire you.

Remember that almost everything’s digital nowadays. So, if you want to increase your firm’s revenue and sign up new clients, it is best to take your firm promotion to a whole new level with these hot trends in law firm marketing.