Four Law Firm Marketing Examples to Take your Business to Greater Heights

Many lawyers nowadays have problems luring in new clients due to the increasing number of professionals in the industry. Without a proper business marketing plan, any law firm won’t see any positive business development or end up wasting time on the wrong business activities. There are even law firms that are not able to get any chance of meeting potential clients due to poor marketing.

This article will list some of the most effective law firm marketing examples. These tips are based on numerous quantitative and qualitative research that reputable marketing companies conducted. Since marketing nowadays are primarily focused online, the list includes some of the most effective online marketing strategies that can help any law firm achieve great results promptly.

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Law Firm Marketing Examples

1.    Dedicate at least 2.5% of your revenue on marketing

Note that the salaries of the marketing people you hired to do marketing work are not yet included. The 2.5% only covers the money you spent on taking clients out to lunch, generating new business and other marketing strategies. If you are not spending, at least, that amount, you are not doing serious marketing. The 2.5% of your revenue can go a long way if the marketing strategy is done well.

2.    Don’t invest in any marketing method that is not measurable

Although advertising and public relations can still be considered as effective marketing platforms, there is no way to quantitatively measure if the marketing method you deployed generated any results. With that in mind, it is recommended to go with online marketing methods such as putting up a blog and social media accounts. These online marketing platforms come with built-in reports, metrics, and lead tracking. This way, you can measure your progress along the way.

3.    Put a video on your website

A lot of lawyers have missed out the opportunity to market themselves by integrating video content on their website. Video content websites generate a large amount of traffic on a daily basis. Around thirty percent of the internet-goers find video content. Tapping on this huge amount of traffic can provide you with the opportunity to present how you talk, how you look and what you are like as a professional in your field. It is a great way to look more attractive to your potential clients.

4.    Invest most of your marketing efforts on your existing client

While finding new clients is important for the law firm to generate additional revenue, note that it is much easier to open a new file from an existing client rather than from a brand new client. Again, this type of marketing technique is something that can be measured as you can check how many times the lawyer from your firm visited the client and how many times they shared lunch together.

If your law firm conducted an event, it is best to keep track of all their contact information and check on the reports how many of these people were converted into clients. The bottom line in any marketing efforts is that you can figure out how you are going to measure your progress. If you are unable to do so, you have no way of knowing which one works and which one does not.

These are just some of the law firm marketing examples. These examples are not set in stone as there are a plethora of ways in marketing a law firm. With the advent of the internet, the possibilities are endless as you can market your business to a wider audience.