The Golden Mean in Law Firm Marketing

The practice of law and legal jurisprudence is one the most crucial jobs necessary for the peaceful existence of any society. Lawyering is one of many professional acts whose positive results and repercussions are felt in a very wide range. To wit, saving an innocent man in court is also saving the people dependent on him. In the same light, one who makes a judge or jury acquit a serial killer could have sentenced many other innocent lives to jail — or even death. Every case a lawyer takes is a risk to his credibility and name. So if it is an extremely difficult task for one lawyer to create and maintain a good name in his field, it should come as no surprise that the development of an effective law firm marketing strategy is an even harder undertaking.

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But as soon as one analyzes the extremities that lawyering entails, the key to an effective law firm marketing strategy becomes apparent. And that is to portray the law firm and the people in it as the epitome of perfect balance — strong and competent but also socially responsible and ethical. Anyone who faces charges or lawsuits filed against him naturally feels the need to have a dependable law firm behind his back. For a firm to create such an image, the following actions should be conducted:

1)    Build a stronghold. First impressions last. Make sure that the first thing clients know about the firm imprints a positive view of it. In other words, the names on the wall, the top-notch lawyers, and the best of the best should be the faces of the firm. Show them that the roots are strong, and there would be no doubt that the rest of the tree shall stand. Show them that the firm stands sturdy on the ground and clients will not hesitate to hire the firm and its services.

2)    Keep a timeline of favorable events. Keep a track of the good records — the hardest cases, the controversial cases, and the most human and touching cases. Select those which could be disclosed without legal compromises, and pick the details that would simply show how the firm wins the case. Needless to say, all cases to be showed should be the ones the firm won. After all, there would be no need for a firm to broadcast the mistakes it has done, for that would be the competitors’ job.

3)    Be socially responsible and involved. Law firm marketing shall find a good use for different strategies, but one that would stand out the most is the appeal to emotion. Every law firm is expected to have several pro bono cases. The purpose, perhaps, is to make sure the lawyers remain human in spite of the problems and workload they have to endure every day. A good marketing strategy for the firm, then, is to do simply more than that. It could conduct events where the gentler side of lawyers are showcased, like an activity where they will provide free legal advice to many people in several communities.

4)    Expand the horizon. Utilize technology and manpower to let people know that the law firm gloriously exists. Create an online site where one could access necessary details to be able to contact your firm. A site is also a great avenue for showcasing the timeline of favorable events about the firm. To ensure stability and consistency, hire and assign a person who will manage the website and keep it updated.